Modern rules of wedding etiquette
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Modern Rules Of Wedding Etiquette

A lot has changed since the last time you were planning a wedding. These days, there are new rules of etiquette to follow – and some old ones that have been updated. You need to know here to ensure your big day is flawless.

Rules for preparing for the wedding

Rules for preparing for the wedding

  1. After you get an offer, tell your family and friends that you are getting married. Then, post a picture of the ring on social media. Do not do it the other way around!
  2. Make sure to introduce your date’s parents to your parents before the big celebration.
  3. Remember that a wedding is considered good form; you do not need to take a day off from work or go to the office the next day. Choose Saturday or at least Friday.
  4. Remember to invite the not-free along with the couple when making the guests for the wedding.
  5. When you invite a guest who is bringing someone with them, make sure to find out the name of the person they are bringing and write it on the invitation.
  6. According to wedding etiquette rules, parents are invited to bring their children to the celebration.
  7. If you have guests visiting from another city or country, it is polite to help them with hotel accommodations.
  8. Do not invite guests to a bachelorette or bachelor party who are not invited to the wedding.
  9. If the people at the wedding party wear unique clothes, you must pay for them. Some people cannot afford it, so the bride or groom usually pays for it.
  10. Do not be upset if someone you invited cannot come. People have different circumstances, and it is not worth ruining your relationship with them over something like that.

Rules of etiquette at the celebration

  1. Don’t make people wait while you take pictures. It’s better to take pictures another time.
  2. Make sure you talk to each person who comes into your home for at least 5 minutes. After that, do not let anyone else get your attention for the whole day.
  3. As a wedding guest, do not wear a white or light beige dress. It is impolite to wear these colors to someone else’s wedding.
  4. Call an animator if you invite parents with children or more than three children to a party. This person will provide activities for the little ones so their parents can see and know that they are being entertained.

wedding etiquette rules during a banquet

Wedding etiquette rules during a banquet

  1. Try to put the parents of young people at the same table. It will help “unite” your families.
  2. Divorced spouses who do not have a good relationship are usually seated at different ends of the hall.
  3. Older people are best placed next to those they already know.
  4. If you are inviting people who have chronic diseases or special diets, make sure there are dishes that they can eat.
  5. At the banquet, say kind words to your parents from your heart. They will like this gift.

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